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Tooth wear & bruxism- Lancy Dental Centre

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Tooth wear & bruxism

Treatment of cases of severe tooth wear due to bruxism, acid attacks or overly vigorous brushing.

Bruxism is an aimless unconscious movement of the braces, either by squeezing or by lateral movements, then called teeth grinding.

This type of silent parafunction almost always leads to muscle pain in all the manducatory muscles, headaches, pain in the neck or shoulders, nausea, middle ear pain, sometimes tinnitus.

Bruxism is a repetitive muscular activity characterized by clenching or grinding of the teeth and/or tightening and pushing of the mandible. It can occur during sleep (sleep bruxism) or while awake (wakefulness bruxism). The causes of bruxism have not yet been determined; it may be a multifactorial problem. Most studies of sleep bruxism indicate that it appears to be regulated primarily by the central nervous system. Factors such as genetics, sleep structure (micro-awakenings), environment, stress, anxiety and other psychological factors, as well as certain drugs (ecstasy, alcohol, caffeine, tobacco) and medications (benzodiazepines, dopaminergics, ...) are related to the origin of this bruxism.

Tooth wear or abrasion is a characteristic feature of bruxism when it is too marked. It is mainly observed on the incisors and maxillary canines but can also be seen on premolars and molars.

When the coronal wear is very pronounced and the patient wants an aesthetic rehabilitation, we consider a long-term prosthetic realization, but it is also necessary to ensure its durability.

Protection over time by wearing an occlusal release tray at the end of the treatment is the rule. It will protect the prosthetic reconstructions from the destructive effect of the friction and tightness of bruxism, especially during sleep. It is a complete, smooth and flat occlusal tray made of transparent hard resin, maxillary or mandibular.