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Excellence to create beautiful smiles

Welcome to our professional dental practice in Geneva

We are a modern dental practice using best-in-class technologies

Swiss trained specialists

We provide excellent dental care services for the whole family

Orthodontics for chidren and adults

Lancy Dental Centre

Discover the Lancy dental clinic in Geneva and our team of highly skilled dentists. We are delighted to receive you in a warm and welcoming atmosphere, providing best-in-class dental treatments based on the latest technologies (dental implants, orthodontics, ceramic veneers, periodontics, etc.). We are open Monday to Friday from 8am to 7pm , and Saturdays from 8:30am to 12:30am for dental emergencies.


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Our Assets

Big HD screens overhead help you relax while we treat you

Painless anaesthetic

The use of intra-oral cameras helps you understand your treatment

Modern digital impressions

Advanced sterilisation methods that meet strict Swiss standards

Quick appointements, competitive fees

Established in Geneva since 2005, the Lancy Dental Centre offers patients the highest standards in dental care and in the treatment of dental emergencies.

A multi-disciplinary team consisting of dentists, orthodontists and dental hygienists trained in Switzerland deliver excellent care thanks to the use of the latest technologies in all dental specialities such as periodontics, dental implants, dental surgery, endodontic treatment, prosthetic reconstruction, ceramic veneers, teeth whitening.

For adults, our Dental Centre covers the following areas: dental diagnosis, dental decay, abscesses, toothache, pulpitis, wisdom teeth, broken teeth, loose teeth, detached pivots, loose crowns or bridges, receding gums, dentures, implants, sensitive gums, bleeding gums, orthodontic treatment for adults, Invisalign braces, oral diseases.

For children, our specialists in paediatric dentistry adopt leading edge technologies to ensure optimal dental care: orthodontic treatment for children, teeth straightening, dental appliances for children, milk teeth, dental decay, cosmetic dental treatment, oral hygiene (open weekdays, also on Saturdays for orthodontic treatment).

In addition to our team of specialized dentists, our dental hygienists are available for routine check-ups: tooth scaling, oral hygiene, fluoridation, X-ray examinations.


Opening hours:

  1. Monday – Friday from 8am to 7pm for dental check-ups, dental treatment, cost estimates or dental emergencies
  2. Saturdays from 8:30am to 12:30am for dental emergencies, on request


While our clinic is modern and functional, considerable care has been taken in its design to ensure a pleasant, welcoming and soothing atmosphere for patients.


The team at the Lancy Dental Centre, your dentist in Geneva

Dr Nicolas Bois

PhD in Dental Medicine, University of Geneva

Dr Raphaelle Wormus

PhD in Dental Medicine, University of Geneva