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Orthodontics is a speciality of Dental Medicine dedicated to correcting the bad position of the teeth and the relationship between the jaws. In other words, orthodontics consists of moving the teeth in order to regain harmonious dental alignment and improve oral function.

This discipline has made considerable progress in recent years. With the latest technological innovations, dental braces are becoming more and more comfortable and discreet, in particular thanks to the use of invisible ceramic appliances.

Orthodontic treatments for children and adults vary depending on the age of the patient. Teeth in the wrong position are more difficult to clean and are at risk of premature loss due to cavities and/or periodontal disease. These misaligned teeth can cause muscle tension, which can lead to headaches, TMJ disorders and neck, shoulder and back pain. Misaligned teeth can also seriously affect the beauty of a smile.

How do I know if I need orthodontic treatment?

Only your dentist or orthodontist can tell if you need orthodontic treatment. An active treatment plan will be decided on the basis of a diagnosis based on your medical and dental history.

Invisalign in Geneva

If you have any of the following conditions, you may need orthodontic treatment:

  • The upper teeth cover the lower teeth too much.
  • There is no contact between the teeth when closing.
  • The lower teeth are in front of the upper teeth.
  • The middle of the upper jaw does not correspond with the middle of the lower jaw.
  • The upper teeth do not overhang the lower teeth.
  • There is a space that exists naturally between the teeth or is caused by extractions.
  • There is not enough room for all the teeth, so they have to overlap.

How is an orthodontic treatment carried out?

We use different types of fixed and mobile appliances for the correction of misaligned teeth. Invisible removable dentures are used to help move teeth, retrain muscles and modify jaw growth. Braces and clear aligners work by applying gentle pressure to the teeth. The complexity of your problem will determine which orthodontic approach to use.

Every smile is a signature

The Centre-Dentaire Lancy is a multidisciplinary center with a team of orthodontists ready to take care of you in an optimal way for any type of orthodontic treatment for adults and children, using the most modern techniques (removable aligners Invisalign).

Our business, your smile: The orthodontists at Lancy Dental Center have all the skills necessary to treat your dental alignment problems.

Our goal is to help you regain a healthy mouth, a beautiful smile and straight, well-aligned teeth.

Invisalign - How does it work?

Orthodontics for the whole family

Throughout your life, our orthodontists will accompany you to prevent and treat all your aesthetic or functional problems.

Overlapping, misaligned, overly advanced teeth... There is no age limit for orthodontic dental care.

The indications for adult orthodontics are identical to those for children. Discover our orthodontic care for adults.

The value of the point applied at the Lancy Dental Centre for orthodontics is CHF 1 and follows the new Dentotar fee schedule validated by the SSO and accepted by the insurances.