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Prevention and care of dental caries

Dental caries

Cariology is a specialty of Dental Medicine that consists of the prevention and care of dental caries. The dentists at the Lancy Dental Centre are able to treat all cases of cavities in adults and children.

They will ensure that their presence is detected as quickly as possible through annual clinical and radiological checks, and will also provide you with valuable advice on how to prevent their appearance, in collaboration with the Dental Hygienist.

The care

To treat a cavity, the dentist first removes the affected tooth tissue. It then replaces them with the latest technology sealing materials called Composite Resins. These resins can restore the original shape and shade of the tooth.

Composite resin reconstitution following a cavity under an old gold filling

This composite resin technique can also be applied when a tooth has been fractured as a result of an accident. It can also be used to change old amalgam fillings that are poorly adapted or not aesthetically pleasing.

cariology02-centre dantaire lancy

Composite reconstruction after trauma

If the destruction of the decayed tooth is too great and it cannot be reconstructed directly in the mouth with a simple composite resin, the Dentist will make an inlay or onlay. Manufactured in the laboratory, it guarantees a solid and aesthetic reconstitution of the tooth.

After removing the decayed tissue from the tooth and preparing the tooth in a clean and regular manner, the Dentist will make an impression of the teeth. He will then give them to his technician to "make" the resin or ceramic inlay/onlay. Once the inlay/onlay has been made, the dentist will be able to glue the inlay/onlay to the tooth during another session.
Today, thanks to new technologies, and in particular intra-oral scanners and CAD/CAM, these reconstructions can sometimes be carried out in 1 session to increase your comfort and pleasure (see our CEREC page).

cariology03-centre dantaire lancy

Decayed, very decayed teeth ready to receive onlays

cariology04-centre dantaire lancy

Ceramic onlays

cariology05-centre dantaire lancy

Decayed teeth treated with onlays