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optical impression Cerec-Centre dentaire Lancy

Computer software and Cerec machining machine

Fabrication of onlays and crowns directly at the office

Cerec optical impression

Advantages of the optical impression

What are the advantages of porcelain fillings (optical impression) over resin fillings?

No inflammatory reactions after application, therefore no sensitivity to heat, cold and pressure because:

  1. Little or no expansion of the CEREC porcelain sealing material (the resin seal varies from 60 tenths to 1 mm thick)
  2. No expansion of the CEREC porcelain during temperature changes while eating (temperature limit between 0 and 40 degrees: = icy and = burning). Porcelain melts at 1200 degrees and not at 100 degrees like resin, so no sensitivity after sealing.
  3. Excellent maintenance of the edges of the CEREC filling over time (more than 8 years of use)But in addition to these technical advantages, you will above all find a great increase in your comfort with the satisfaction of reducing the number of appointments: reduction in the number of anaesthetics, the number of slots to be blocked in your schedule...your satisfaction will be optimal!!
cerec_01-centre dantaire lancy

Onlay Cerec raw

cerec_02-centre dentaire lancy

Onlay cerec personalized

cerec_03-centre dantaire lancy

Tooth decayed after preparation

cerec_04-centre dantaire lancy

Tooth with Cerec restoration

Cerec by Sirona

Optical impression 3shape